Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Year (Three) Zero

I've turned 30. This seems totally bizarre to me. I wasn't done with my 20s yet, thanks very much. But it seems they are done with me and everything I do from now on will be something I did "in my 30s". Which is annoying because it seems to put a whole different slant on whatever I do. My actions will be judged in comparison to what other people do 'in their 30s' and whether a person 'in their 30s' normally does such things.

But this is other people's problem, not mine. It's not gonna stop me doing whatever the fuck I want. 'Turning 30' is only a big deal because people have decided it should be, not because it actually is. But I suppose, becuase people do make a big deal of it, how you 'deal' with this alleged landmark moment in your life depends on how you feel about your life at that time. If you're unhappy with your lot, turning 30 is only going to add to the misery. If you're not unhappy then it's a good excuse for a party. I fall into the latter category - things are great and interesting and exciting and adventurous. As such I marked the completion of three decades on the planet by partying, doing the following things:

  • Hanging out with hot Irish girls (and Su) (who is also hot) (but not Irish)

  • Drinking more than is good for the soul

  • Playing with male nude playing cards

  • Dancing to unrecognisable Australian indie rock
  • Developing an unrequited crush
  • Sleeping til 4pm
  • Eating chicken and chips
  • Getting surprise birthday cake

  • Inventing an AWESOME drinking game
  • Playing balloon tennis

  • Enduring the funniest bus journey EVER

  • Getting spun around in a shopping trolley, twice
  • Pretending to watch rugby

  • Pretending to be awake
  • Deleting Nicola's pics of people's crotches in case of arrest
  • Eating corn chips for breakfast
  • And going for a walk over Sydney Harbour Bridge

Job done, then.